On this website we are going to take an in-depth look into the London City Hall, designed by Foster & Partners in 2000, and how it functions as a sustainable building. An iconic construction with an unusual shape, Foster & Partners took precedent from their Reichstag construction, using the same principle to create a winding ramp that reaches the top of this 10 storey city hall. The building was designed with sustainability as a key element, with plans for natural ventilation, ground water cooling and solar voltaic panels all implemented to create a green environmentally friendly building

The building cost the taxpayer £43 million to construct, and is the home of the Greater London Authority, which includes the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. The building has had bad publicity in the past, Ken Livingstone referred to the building as a “Glass Testicle.” Was the building worth the cost?

With Boris Johnsons recent Green Policies we are going to question how sustainable the building actually is, look at plans to increase its energy efficiency; and with 2012 Energy Performance Certificate of grade D what went wrong?


Team members

Jianing Chang

Simina Andreea Ionescu

Conor Morris

Jessica Ellen Spencer